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A logo of Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce ZNCC

As a business membership organization, our activities focus on members’ needs and problems. Our membership base cuts across all economic sectors in Unguja and Pemba. These include, but are not limited to, general trade, tourism, agriculture, fisheries, and other sea resources, industries, logistics, finance, real estate, information and communication technology, oil and gas, etc. We have categorized our members into 6 main types, as per size of the company/business. These fall under:

  1. MicroBusiness (1-4 employees).

  2. Small Enterprises (5-19 employees).

  3. Medium Enterprises (20-99 employees).

  4. Large Corporations (100+ employees).

  5. Small Associations (Board decision).

  6. Large Associations (Board decision)


ZNCC Membership is open to any legal business which adheres to the government’s laws, regulations and guidelines. You just need to fill in an application form and attach supporting documents for your business to be approved by the Board. The required documents include:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation.

  2. A valid business license issued by a recognized government institution.

  3. Personal identification of the business owner (ZanID, National ID, or passport).

  4. Updated CV of the contact person(s).

  5. One copy of a passport-size photo.

The payment can be deposited to the bank or direct transfer to the following account:

Account No: 0405710000

Account name: Zanzibar National Chamber Of Commerce

Bank name: PBZ Limited

Branch name: Forodhani

NOTE: Based on your membership category, a relevant annual membership fee will be charged. In addition, all members must pay TZS 20,000/- once as an application fee.


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